Thursday, October 11, 2012

Picking out a Pumpkin

Happy Fall Ya'll! It's pumpkin time and we've usually had our pumpkins for a long time.  We usually head up to Delaware in September and visit the apple orchard and a farm stand that sells absolutely enormous and cheap pumpkins.  But that weekend we usually go was Henry's baptism.  So we went in search of pumpkins in NC.  Not too hard to find, our church is holding a pumpkin patch! While it's not quite as fun as running around a farm stand or orchard, the boys enjoyed it just the same!

Brant kept a tight grip on his brother and the pumpkin he just picked out

Silly boys

Henry didn't quite know what the orange things were

But the stem was just right for grabbing!

Brant checked them out, looking for just the right ones to take home

Doing a stem test with the nice Methodist man (I didn't know his name, we've not been going to that church quite long enough)

My little man carried all 3 of our pumpkins to the van for me.  Daddy was at work, and Brant worked hard filling his shoes.

Of course, Grandma needed one too!

I sat the boys down of a bale of hay for this one.  Sigh.  Those boys love each other!

serious much?

After a quick dinner it was playtime.  Henry is really enjoying being independent.  He'd rather play on a blanket in the living room than with his playmat.

And picking your own toys out of the basket is the best!!

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