Thursday, October 11, 2012

Doodle at 7 Months

On October 6th, Henry turned 7 months old! Still can't believe it's been seven months.  So short in many ways, long in others.  Seems like he's always been in our family! But as it's been really crazy, and I can't seem to get things together (well, anything other than the things that HAVE to be done), I'm just now getting this posted.  But I wanted to mark the special day with the photos I took ON the day, intending to post later.  But here it is now, happy 7 months little Henry doodle!

Henry LOVES books and likes to have his brother read to him

I sit up to play all the time now, or if I roll, it's multiple times all the way across the floor.  Watch out, I'm learning how to  get up on my knees too!

Brother and I are buddies. He always makes me laugh!

No joke. Mom made us sit there forever.  All of us made silly faces in some of the photos, this is the only one where we are all actually looking at the camera!

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