Saturday, January 19, 2013

Phoenix Phun and SNOW?!

After we went to the Elon game with the Cub Scouts, we wondered why we didn't do it more? So Brantley surprised us with tickets to a game on Thursday night.  With a half day on Friday, we decided it'd be ok to go on a weeknight.  The thing is, the weather was supposed to get nasty around 9, with snow moving in.  But when we left, it was POURING rain.  I mean, blow your umbrella inside out, puddles so deep your sneakers are soaked, blowing under your hood rain.  Henry was gasping as the rain and wind took his breath away!  Bedraggled, we found our seats and enjoyed the game.  

Around half time, we went to get some snack.  Looking outside, kids were shrieking in the wet snow.  But the ground was so warm and wet, it wasn't sticking.  Oh well. 

What we didn't know was that because of the noise of the game, we missed thundersnow.  Apparently, really hard thundersnow, with lightening and all.  And when we walked out of the game less than an hour later, this is what we saw!
SNOW!  Ground covered and our van had about an inch and a half on it.  And the roads were a MESS!

 Giving the van the test snow drive (I'm very glad that Daddy was driving it for the first time) we got home safely, but slowly.  And the boys had a little fun in the snow.   Well, Henry was a bit perplexed.  He kept pointing and saying, "Dat?"  He points and then turns his hand over, questioning. It's adorable!
Observing from the safety of his carseat

Oh yeah!  The first snow of the season!  And the best thing, NO SCHOOL TOMORROW!!!

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