Saturday, January 19, 2013

Henry's First Snow and Sledding Fun!

We woke up to a winter wonderland, having gotten a few more inches over the night.  We ended up with 3-4 inches, but the ground was really warm (I mean, last weekend it was 75 here!) so the roads were actually rather clear.  But school was cancelled already, so there was fun to be had!

Henry was quite puzzled by all the white.  He just sort of stared at it.  But then again, he was bundled up in a snow suit ala The Christmas Story, so there wasn't much he could do! 

Mandatory photo op of Henry's first snow!

Sweet brothers!
 Daddy, anticipating the snow, picked up a new snow tube for us to try.  Brant took a few runs on it first, then it was Daddy's turn! And Henry (no worries, he was very secure, and the hill is really not that big, nor did they go fast!)


 Brant decided to try out the steeper side of the hill, but it was under trees, so there wasn't as much snow. But he didn't care!

Daddy and Henry just enjoyed watching brother

And I took photos of that sweet face!

Brant really enjoyed the tube!  

Especially aiming for me while I took photos!

Daddy laid Henry down and slid him up and down the hill a little bit.  Henry squealed! He loved it!

Yes.  He got me!

Walking home from the park.  It was already melting :-(

But it's fun and beautiful while it lasts!

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