Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Maroon LIfe, Cub Scout style

As you know, if you've read this blog anytime in the last six months, Brant is a Tiger Scout and Big Brant and I are den leaders.  We really enjoy Scouting as a family, especially planning the Go See It's for the Scouts' requirements.  

Part of the Keeping Myself Healthy and Safe section was a trip to a sporting event.  With Elon being so close (and Daddy's alma mater!) what better place to go than a basketball game!  We had great seats and a great time! Too bad Princeton beat Elon!

Let's Go Elon!!

What fun! Brant and Austin were chosen to "dress like a Phoenix" and race, getting dressed in full sized basketball player uniforms and HUGE shoes!  Then they had to try and make a basket!  It was very cute, and the boys looked very little!

Lucas took a great shot! He's the boyfriend of a friend of ours.

The Phoenix hung out near us

And the boys loved it!

Can you tell we had fun with our new camera?

The Phoenix was nice enough to pose with the Tigers, but the other team, from the upcoming women' s game, photo bombed us!

And a silly one...Even the Phoenix got into it!
Great kids, great families, great fun.  We all, even Henry, enjoyed the game!

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