Saturday, May 25, 2013

Agent Orange...Field Day 2013

Field Day finally arrived!  Brantley and I were finally on a team together, as he is in first grade.  Getting the color orange for our team, the kids voted on a names, chose a theme song, designed an entrance and then competed in a variety of unique and fun games.  Starting out in the gym in the morning, we moved outside after lunch.  Daddy, Henry and Grandma joined us for the morning activities, and lunch, but had to leave after that.  So there's not any photos from the outdoors portion, but we were all wiped out anyway!   While we took third place this year, in the wise words of Ms. Amy, the PE teacher, "If you had fun, you won!"  And boy did we have fun!

Balloon relay, racing while keeping a balloon squeezed between them

The fish throw, throwing a rubber fish and having to catch it in a bucket.  All the kids made it!!  

he he.  Funniest relay, running with a noodle between the legs and giant glasses on!

"Mommy, will you sign my shirt?!"

Action shot!

Team corner

Grandma entertained Henry if he got antsy.  

Running a relay with the big kids

Henry was the official team mascot, in the words of the kids

H, Maddie and Natalie

see, always in someone's arms

Brant and best friend Natalie. So sad she's going to another school next year

What fun!  Wonder what color we will be next year?!

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