Monday, May 6, 2013

Spring Family Campout, Cub Scout style

As you might have guessed, we enjoy scouting as a family.  So when the campout rolled around, we decided it was warm enough for Henry to go along.  Heading out on Friday afternoon, Pack 265 invaded Hanging Rock State Park.  

Home sweet home. Our site was also the camp kitchen, since Brant helps with most of the meals.  
Camp kitchen, very convenient too, with Henry

Henry and his buddy C, one of the Tiger's big sisters

A Saturday morning hike to the lake
 Later Saturday afternoon, we took a hike with a a park ranger.  While we were there, we had a rare to the park animal sighting
The ranger couldn't identify it at first, but later decided it was a baby mink

Listening to the ranger

 The hike went down to one of the waterfalls. We enjoyed looking down into it.  Even Mommy, it's not that high. Brant was a bit irritated with me because I wouldn't let him climb on some rock formations.  I wish I wasn't like that. But I am.
Pensive scout.

Measuring the water's depth

Where were Daddy and Henry?  Back at the campsite...taking a nap. Soon it was time to prep for dinner, and the boys had a shadow puppet craft to work on while it was cooking. 

Some of the dads supervised.

Henry learned fire safety from Cubmaster Julie. 
While it rained Saturday night, we still got some popcorn popped and some S'mores made.  It was a great, but a bit chilly, weekend.  And it reinforced to us how much we love camping!

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