Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The pumpkin picking

A couple Saturdays ago the scouts had planned an outing to the local Corn Maze, but it got rained out.  So we decided, with an afternoon free, that we needed to pick out our pumpkins.  Little Brant decided he wanted a big one this year, so we decided to only get one (seeing as this isn't Delaware and giant pumpkins aren't $10!)  Also, as the weather was spitting rain, and Daddy had just got off work and was starving, we went to one of the lots that sells them.  You know, the ones that overnight will change from pumpkins to Christmas trees?  

The boys had a blast though, lots to choose from and space to run in.  Little Brant wouldn't slow down long enough for a photo, he kept lapping us, looking for the perfect big pumpkin.  Henry just enjoyed trying out the stems.

Henry was fascinated by Charlie Brown...looks like it's time to break out the DVD set!

Mommy chose a few arty warty ones, and the pumpkin pickin' was done.  Daddy sure was happy as it had taken a bit of time and we went out to a nice family dinner after!

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