Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Where has the time gone?

I looked back at my last blog post tonight and couldn't believe it was from the first day of school!!  We're now halfway through our first trimester (this always makes me think of my pregnancies) and I'm just now blogging.  So, here goes...

Scouts are up and going again!  Brant is a Wolf this year!  We had a fun opening meeting with a camping theme...smores for snacks, songs around the "campfire" and making new neckerchief slides. 

Henry enjoyed  being back with all the big boys at scouts too!
 We've enjoyed a lot of produce and Henry has mastered the art of corn on the cob eating and drinking from a straw!

The precious little finger!
 We all camped as a family on the Fall Campout.  We worked hard on our gateway and making sure we had out campsite in tip top shape!  And we won the Best Campsite award!

Our garden has turned to grass...which has now been turned into an archery range.  Brant got a bow and and Daddy built him a target stand (actually Daddy uses it too, for some bow practice with his compound bow)

Other than  Brant and I have been adjusting to all the changes in the merged school.  It's been a bit of a flip flop for us, but things are going well and we are both having awesome years!

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