Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Aunt Ya Ya

First of all, a belated (to her, due to time difference) Happy Birthday to Carla! We've been thinking about you all day! Well, we finally have a sunny day. We had one yesterday, but then, guess what?! Literally, the only cloud in the state (seriously, we checked the radar) sat over Gibsonville and rained. Auggh! But it was a nice evening anyway, Brantley was off, the house was clean and dinner had cooked all day in the crockpot. We had been to a little friend of Brant's birthday party, at the park, and wore ourselves out! It was fun, and Brant hogged the swings for most of the time! The park was packed, due to the fact that it was the first sunny day in a long time. After returning from the park (and falling asleep) we all got ready for dinner. I had cooked the roast, potatoes and carrots until they were falling apart. It was so yummy. As I was preparing it, Brant, my cooking helper, asked me what it was. I said beef. His reply, "Beef come from a cow!" He has started to be picky about his food. Lately, it's been pizza, macaroni and cheese and peanut butter and jelly. After turning his nose up at my dinner, Brantley made his a PB and J. Handing it to him, Brant looks at it and hands it back. He tells Daddy, "Take the peeling off!" He wanted the crust off! Also, another first! Last night was the first night without a pull-up on. And no accidents. I know there will be some, but we are officially diaper free...does everyone have waterproof mattrass pads?? Just kidding! Mom spoke to Carla last night, and she told us that a friend of theirs was killed in an ordnance explosion on Okinawa. A shell from World War II exploded as they were working with it. Jeremy and Tripp played guitars together in their praise band at church. The memorial service is at 9 p.m. (our time). Please remember Tripp's family (Amanda) and two small children, as well as Jeremy and Carla as they deal with the death of a good friend. Love to all, Us

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