Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Good Morning Delaware! and the Delaware State Fair

We've just gotten back from our trip to Delaware, visiting family, having fun, and introducing Henry to his extended family.  We had a nice long trip, staying at Big Brantley's sister's family's house.  Their home is out in the middle of a field, so she doesn't have blinds on her windows.  Or curtains.  It's a beautiful sunrise, and our first morning there, around 6:30 or 7, we hear the unmistakable sound of a crop duster.  Yep, there he was!  

Took this photo from our bedroom window.  That's Brant's parent's house on the right.  When we were first married, a crop duster was dusting the field behind the house.  The plan literally pulled up right outside our second story window.  We could practically see the pilot face to face!

See him dusting the field across the street?
 The Delaware state fair is in the summer, unlike ours, in October. It seems our trips have always just missed it, but this time...we got it right!  We headed out to check out the fair and brought along two of the cousins, for fun!
Waiting for the shuttle.  
 It's about this time that I forgot the size difference between DE and NC.   We were waiting for the shuttle, and I'm thinking that it's about the distance of parking at Carter Finley or beyond.  But we ended up walking it, (you don't want to know, but it involved pushy old people who shoved little kids out of the way!)  While it was a nice walk, it wasn't that bad!

Henry enjoyed the ride in the backpack

 We wandered around, and ended up at the petting zoo, and feeding the giraffe!

 One of the fun things at the fair were these cutout face things.  They were everywhere!  And we took a lot of photos in them!
We were wrapping up our time at the fair, when Pop Pop wanted to go to the pig races. What fun!

On the way out, we saw the calliope.  We spent a bit of time checking out all the moving parts.  
 We had a great time, checking out all the livestock, entries in the competitions and enjoying yummy food!

Later that day, we enjoyed some family time!

Everybody loved holding Henry!  He's such a cuddle bug.  The cousins all got a squeeze in, in between running around having fun with Brantley!

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