Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Day out in Winston and a "bully" bee

We had some business to do in Winston today, and planning to go to SciWorks with Brant, we ran out of time. So we made a quick stop at Old Salem, a favorite of us all.  A romp through the square, a visit to the Salem College bookstore (and the Main Hall restrooms!) and some yummies from the bakery, we were all ready to head home. But here are a few photos from our brief, but refreshing visit.  Whatever it was that called to me to attend Salem, it's still there in my heart.  Strong are thy walls Oh Salem!

Single brother's house

Main Hall

Strolling with Grams

My boys

Wow.  um.  Not our best photo, but it's us!  And we rarely make a family appearance in the blog, so here we are!

We made it home in time for Brant to go to the final night of Vacation Bible School.  He had a great time while he was there this week, but a pesky "bully" bee (his words!) stung him just below his eye when he was leaving tonight.  It was quite the ordeal, with puffy eye, and tears.  Grandma even offered to go to Six Scoops to get him ice cream.  No!  Finally, a snuggle from concerned little brother helped to turn the tide of tears.  Sweet boys, how we love them!

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