Friday, September 28, 2012

The Carousel Festival and Mom Mom and Pop Pop

Summer came and went and we didn't make it to City Park to ride the train.  It was just too hot, or we didn't remember, or Doodle was napping.  And the summer just flew by.  So the Saturday before Henry's Christening was the Carousel festival.  Our park has a historic Carousel, and the festival honors it.  All the rides are free and it's great family fun.  It's also one of the last weekends the rides are open, so we HAD to make it for a ride!  Mom Mom and Pop Pop were in, so they came with.

We made a bee line for the train.  Waiting in line, we thought we were going to get on, but no, we were first for the next ride.  You know what that means??? Best seat on the train! The caboose!!

Pop Pop and the boys had the honors

A few rides around, we were off to explore the rest of the festival.  It was hot for the second weekend in September, but we checked out the crafts, chatted with friends and finally, it was time to go.  But not without a ride on the carousel.  I wanted to take H on it, but he zonked out.  So Brant and I got in line.  And don't you know it, we were stopped before we got on, to be the first on the next ride!! 

Waiting for our turn

Enjoying the bench

Brant chose rabbits for us to ride, because he liked their ears.  
There is nothing better than a ride on a carousel.  Except maybe watching your kids on one.  Classic fun, and a good day for all!

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