Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Brant's first space derby

When we started scouting, the boys all talked about the Space Derby.  Not quite knowing what it was, we went into it, fueled by YouTube videos and web searches.  Brant and Daddy worked hard on their rockets, Daddy made one too!  

The day of the Space Derby we had some winter weather, so it was postponed to the following Monday night.  We blasted off in Cub Scout style, and all appreciated the dry run for the upcoming Pinewood Derby. 

Daddy and Brant, before the race

Daddy was in charge of loading the rockets onto the line

Unloading his rocket after the first heat

We downloaded a program that helps keep the racers straight, and score them.  It was confusing.  And loud.  and confusing.  

But the boys had a blast (admidst various finger boo boos from propellers).
While Brantley didn't place in the top three, he did come fourth.  Not bad for our first year!

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