Sunday, March 10, 2013

Brant introduces Henry to Pla-Doh

Oh the joys of childhood!  I still can't open a container of pla-doh without smelling it!  And wanting to squeeze it, letting it squish through my fingers.  Nothing better.  

We've had a bit of spring fever around here.  While things are moving towards spring, with Henry's birthday, and St. Patrick's Day, spring break still feels like an eternity away!  One day last weekend, Daddy and Mommy were in a cleaning frenzy.  Mommy, cleaning out the laundry room, found a hidden tub of the acursed Moon Dough.  I don't know who said that it's better than Pla-Doh, but they had to have been crazy.  That stuff makes the hugest mess, and has always been an outside activity for us, after the first time we did it inside.  Yeah.  And then, I hid the tub.  Bad Mommy. 

Anyway, said Moon Dough, now two or three years old, hit the trash. But it jogged Brant's memory of other beloved activities that had been replaced by Legos, Skylanders and other big kid toys.  Yes.  Pla-Doh.  Mommy got all of it out of the attic (aka the place where things that don't fit anywhere else go!) and the boys got busy! 

Henry enjoyed all the accessories, especially the ice cream truck and rolling pin. 

For Brant, he was re-discovering lost toys!  He had so much fun, and I love an evening with no tv!

Doodle was happy as a clam!

Brant made a delicious meal of purple french fries and a burger.  But, note to all those parents out there...something happens to homemade play dough over time.  We figured it out after it had gotten squished through the squishing thing. 

And of course, Doodle had to taste it!  He was looking at Grandma, who was just slow enough that he got a nice big lick.  And I got a photo! lol!

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