Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Pinewood Derby 2013-Tiger Year

Daddy and Brantley have been working on their derby cars for weeks, and last Friday night, after the set-up, they were able to see how well they ran.  Of course, Daddy didn't get to race, but he enjoyed the fun of working on the cars with Brantley. 

Daddy's on the left, Brant's on the right.  He named it "The Flame"
 While the track was getting set up, some of the moms and I got busy making the fellowship hall look a little more race-carish!

The boys had a blast watching the cars run on the test track.  

Julie and Daddy getting them all ready for the run.

Don't they look great?
 The next morning, bright and early, we had to be at the church for check-in.  Mommy was in charge of the checking in, Daddy was keeping the stats and Grandma came along to watch and help with little H.

Brant and some scout friends

Daddy and Mr. Jim, "race officials!"

Brant's cheering section

Smiling...perhaps Brant's car finished well in this heat?

Getting ready for another heat (one of the scout dads did all the loading)
Brant's car is in lane 2.

Third place this time.  

Henry was getting some pointers for his first derby
 At the break, we all had pizza, and then the scouts got to make a race car snack/craft.  They used Nutter Butters, mini-oreos and jelly beans to make racecars!

Aren't the cute. This was the split second before Brant scarfed them!

And Henry finally fell asleep
 After just a few more heats, the race was over.

Daddy and Mr. Jeff tallied the results.
 Meanwhile, each of the scouts received a special award.
Brant won "best flames!"

Proud boy, it was a fun, fun day!

While he didn't place in the top three, he was happy that three of his Tiger pals did!  
We had a long discussion before the derby.  You see, each scout is positive that they are going to win.  How could they not with all the work that goes into it.  So we talked about the important part of the derby.  And you know what, Brant is growing up.  There was no disappointment, just like he said, "The important part is to have fun!"  Thanks Scouts, for helping my son to learn life lessons, and providing a fun way to do it!

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