Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Very Hungry Henry's first birthday

Wow!  Where in the world has a year gone?  You turned one today and what an exciting day it was.  

You slept in a bit this morning, so we sang to you, when Brother and Mommy were almost out the door.  You looked a bit befuddled, and were definitely still sleepy.  When little Brant found out we weren't going to do our traditional pancake birthday breakfast (really, we were struggling this morning!) he about went ballistic.  Thankfully, Daddy had frozen some pancakes the last time we had them, and voila!  Your birthday breakfast!  We promise we'll do better next year!

Why are you all singing so early?
And what is that thing in my pancakes?

After school the real birthday preparations started!  We were having our neighbors and family, over for cake and ice cream.  But you know Mommy, I had to do some decorating!  We had decided on The Very Hungry Caterpillar a while ago, and there are just so many cute ideas.  But, we were keeping it simple.  Right??  That's so hard for me!!

Our friend Meredith made a beautiful (and absolutely scrumptious) cake!

And a giant caterpillar came crawling by for some birthday fun!

Henry could not get enough of Savannah tonight.  He kept squeezing her and loving her. I've never seen him do that to someone before!

I had to refill this today...we've been eating the candy from it!

Let the festivities begin!

A birthday photo with Mommy

And one photo bombed by silly Hannah

Yeah!  He kept the hat on momentarily

But he was ready for some cake!

Brother helped you blow out your candles

and you wanted the icing watermelon so badly!

scrunchy face!

You took your time exploring your cake.

Still testing it out

A quick taste...

hmmm, not bad!

a bigger taste!


A nice chunk of cake!

Give me a kiss!

Here, Savannah, have a taste!

True Unger style here!
 Finally it was time to open his presents. Brother, and neighbor Jason, helped you.
You got a George, and a Henry from Thomas the Tank Engine.  We heard there was a Samuel...will have to look into that!

Oh yeah!!

Brother gave you the Playmobil bus

Of course, you really liked the paper a lot too! This one was from Ronnie and Kathy, they got you a xylophone.

The cousins and Jeremy and Carla got you a cool bath bubble blower and some stylin' clothes
 You got lots of other things too. A Playmobil Noah's Ark and Very Hungry Caterpillar pull toy.  Mommy and Daddy also got you a book and a push tricycle. You also got lots of sweet cards from your family who couldn't be with us.
And you had fun looking and playing with your cards as well!

Yep.  That's me!  I'm one now!!
You have been such a blessing to our lives little Doodle.  When we think of how you have grown, the things you have learned, the love that has completed our family.  Happy first birthday sweet Henry!  We love you so!

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