Sunday, March 10, 2013

Trains make for a fun day!

If you haven't picked up from the blog that our family likes trains, well, go back and read some.  Thomas, Polar Express, Pop Pop's, Cass, Smokey Mountain Railroad, name it, we visit and ride it!  Not to mention,  the fun of model trains! 

Pop Pop is a member of a train club that hosts an open house each year, corresponding with our Thanksgiving trip.  We always try to go, it's just really neat! So when I read in the paper that Mebane now has a train club, and they were having a show, you know it went on our calendar. 

Unfortunately, Daddy had to work, so Grandma came along to see too!  It's always great to have Grandma along, for the fun, and for the extra set of hands! 

While the layout was not as extensive as Pop Pop's, and it was a work in progress (as all are!) we enjoyed watching the O scale trains run.  Most were historic Lionel trains, left to the train club by a local man.  Brant fell in love with the Santa Fe engine.  He watched that train the whole time!  That and the hot air balloons that went up and down, landing near the carnival.

These guys had chairs set up for the kids to stand in!  My back and arms said thank you!

Henry wore his engineer overalls...all the "pop pops" in the building loved it!

"Dat!" "Dat!"  

Looking down the layout, not as large as some, but still well done!

The O'Day boys were a hit in their engineer gear!!  Lots of comments from the other Railfans there!
 The show was located in the old Mebane high school, which had been turned into a rec center of sorts.  It also houses the Mebane Historical Museum.  Outside there was a nice playground, spotted by Brant through an open door by the layout.  Being as the weather has finally started to become springlike, we headed out for a romp before we had to head home.

"All aboard!"  It was time to head home.  No one complained, Henry was ready for a nap, and Brant was looking forward to Daddy coming home.  If you find yourself in the vicinity of Mebane, it's worth a stop to see.  You will meet some really nice people, and see some cool trains!

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