Saturday, April 13, 2013

The many faces of Brantley

After the boys, and I mean all but Henry, went golfing on Thursday (Brant played 18 holes for the first time!), we decided it was a great night to go out to one of our favorite restaurants. About 45 minutes away in Jensen Beach, Conchy Joe's is just the right mix of local and tourist, and some excellent seafood. Although Little Brant's favorite is the Gator bites.  

Anyway, always with a camera in tow, we were loading up the van to head home when I decided to snap a few pictures. Trying hard to include people in my pictures, not just scenery (don't worry, there's a post with that too coming up!) I've been using the multiple picture thingamajiggy setting on the camera, so I catch multiple expressions.  I thought you might like to see some of what I caught, as they are just so Brant!

 All of those in about 15-20 seconds!  The kid is too funny!

Mom Mom walked over, so I thought I'd get a few with her too...

He was being a monkey in these!

And a few scenery...just too pretty to resist!

Here's another series, same night, as we were driving cool to see all the oranges and the orange juice plants!

Apparently here, he was showing me how to squeeze an orange, and when he "tasted" the juice it was too sour!

I tell you what, the kid is a case.  But a more wonderful son and big brother isn't to be found.  He makes us laugh!

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