Friday, April 12, 2013

Brant's favorite thing to do in Florida

Tuesday in Florida was a bit of an odd day, as Pop Pop actually had cataract surgery.  With no recovery time needed, he was ready for action on Wednesday, and we all headed out on the boat.  

Check out my boat duds!

The view from the boat.  Sigh. So relaxing.

darn hat. 

The locks, to head into Lake Okeechobee

We love the wildlife we see when we are there

Brant was really excited, he got to drive the boat!  And he wasn't a bad driver either!

Using his boy scout knot tying skills

Henry refused to take a nap.  so we chilled out and watched  the sights. 

Finally we saw a gator!!
Such a relaxing day.  One thing to remember though.  When applying sunscreen to your children, don't forget to spray the parents!!

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Jen said...

That photo of you with H on your lap needs to go in a frame.