Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Easter Morning, Florida style

 Spring Break finally came, even though we swore it never would.  School had ceased to be enjoyable, only work and we were all in need of a break.  Not to mention, family time.  We did it with Brant, but had forgotten how hard it is.  With Daddy staying at home until 2:30, then going to work, and Mommy getting home at 4:30 (Grandma takes the gap), Brantley and Mommy hardly see Daddy.   We were all excited to just BE together!

We left Friday afternoon and drove to Savannah (about all the boys could take for the day).  The next morning dawned sunny and warm, we donned our shorts and readied ourselves for the 5 hours left in the drive.  Arriving in the late afternoon,  we were all ready to get out of the car and relax.  Grilling out and sitting on the screened in porch were all we wanted to do!

The Easter bunny is getting used to making an appearance in Okeechobee for the O'Day boys.  Waking up, not terribly early, Brantley couldn't wait to see what the Bunny left!  He came through for those boys!

Brant was excited about his slippers!  You walk and the mouths open! 
Henry liked the basket in general. 

Everyone watched Henry explore for a minute.  Yes, sitting on the table!

Checking out brother's slippers

And going for the Peeps!

Daddy got a few Easter snuggles, as we watched Brant get into the basket.

Henry's favorite thing by far, were the M and Ms in the eggs, which he didn't eat, but he enjoyed shaking!
Mom Mom made a delicious ham dinner for Easter,  which we feasted on later in the afternoon.   In the meantime, Brant was chomping at the bit to explore the tanks downtown.  So we took a walk to enjoy the weather and let him play.

A common sight! Oranges!  We picked up some that had rolled off during our walk

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