Saturday, April 13, 2013

Our last stop in Florida: Downtown Disney

We've started stopping at Downtown Disney on the way home,  sort of to give us something to look forward too, even though we were leaving.  We usually hit the Lego store, The World of Disney and a few other places, checking out the landscaping, and sort of pretending that we are at Disney World for the day.  

But apparently, everyone else decided to do the same thing. It was slammed. Packed. Crowed.  And we don't do well with that....err, Daddy and I don't.  So our time was a bit shorter, we picked out our goodies, and ate lunch, and after a ride on the carousel, we were done. Except for the Lego store, on the way out.  

A good stop, but we were tired, and it was time to go home.  

We drove through the night and got home at 2:30 am.  Boy did bed feel great!  And with one day left in Spring break, I wonder what we could get in to?

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