Monday, August 26, 2013

A new school (sort of) and a new grade!

And so, a quickly as it started, summer ended this morning as Brant started second grade!  

Let me take a minute to talk about how much Brant has grown this summer.  Physically, yes, he's grown a ton.  As in he's going to be taller than me by next summer (most likely) and he's taller or as tall as most of his class, and he's almost a year younger than most.  But let's talk about independence and responsibility.  

We've been doing chores for a while, but we've been really consistent over the last few months.  But that's not even it.  Take this morning, for example:

I was the lucky teacher to pull early morning duty on the first day, so I told Brant we HAD to leave the house at 7.  He had the choice to sleep a bit later and have Daddy drive him, or to go with me.  Explaining that he was going to have to go to the gym with me and such, he agreed.  He set the alarm clock we bought him this summer, for 6 am.  

He got out of bed at 6.  Got dressed.  Put on shoes and socks, tied said shoes, even though the laces gave him trouble.  Then, as I was getting ready, he got out the biscuit he wanted for breakfast, microwaved it.  Got out our lunches I had made the night before, and then got our lunch bags.  By this time, I was ready, I made my coffee, wrapped up a few things and we headed out.  Notice, no where did Daddy do anything.  Daddy and Henry were still asleep!!  Quite the accomplishment to get out the door and not wake them!  

We both had an awesome day at our school, newly (as in last night) named The Burlington School.  We've merged with a high school, and opportunities abound.  We may have thought we had a lot going for us before, you should see us now! 

Happy first day smiles! For once! Usually he's not so excited

Complete with his breakfast in hand.  
Gosh he's getting big!

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