Friday, January 23, 2009

Bunky, basketball and cleaning

We've had a fun week, starting off with snow and ending with a basketball game. The whole family attended BDS' basketball game and Brant had playing on the bleachers. Although, when Bunky, our Bruin mascot (and my student Garrett) came over to visit, he wasn't quite sure! After Bunky had tried to get him to High 5 and left, Brant asked me, "Why 'dat bear wear a shirt?"! Brant enjoyed watching the game and we all had fun, being together. When we got home later (after dinner at Blue Ribbon and trips to Lowe's and Target), Daddy told Brant it's time to clean his room. We then forgot about it, as we got busy doing other things, knowing we would end up in his room, to straighten up (to avoid those late night step on an action figure accidents). The next thing we knew, Brant announced "I DONE!" and ran into the kitchen. I went in to check to see what he had done in his room (suspecting his trains set up, or a rocket launch). Much to our surprise...he cleaned his room...I mean, it looked like we had done it. I promise you, there was very little visible flooring in there, and it was almost perfectly put away. Our little man has impressed us very much! Tomorrow morning, Brant is going to attend one of my schools programs called Saturday Mornings for the very young, where he'll do activities with the other students, as well as have a program about the seasons. I'll let you know how it goes. Also, Big Brantley has all the windows framed in, now, we just have to wrestle them in and buy our door! The back porch is taking forthcoming. Lots of love to all...Japan crew, long time, no talk...maybe we can catch up this weekend!

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