Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow days and a new baby cousin

We just spent the weekend in Delaware, throwing a baby shower for Brantley's sister Lindsey. As always, we had a wonderful time, but this time, we got to see Baby Delaney for the first time. Brant was very curious, and a little timid approaching her the first time, but after a bit, he got used to her, and started to check out the little pink bundle everyone was trying to snuggle all the time. When I finally got her away from Mom Mom and Grandma Francy, Brant crawled up next to me, and whispered, very quietly, lest he wake Delaney, "Her ears are SO tiny!"
We celebrated Christmas while we were in Delaware, and Brant got a baby boy Cabbage Patch doll. He's been so sweet with him, much mimicking what we did with Delaney, feeding him, pushing him in a stroller and changing his diaper.
While we were in Delaware it snowed! We all had fun with the kids playing in the flurries and drinking hot chocolate. Little did we know, we were coming home to a snow day! All of us were home today, except Daddy, who went to work, but got to come home early! Brant had a lot of fun, all bundled up like the kid on The Christmas Story. He was very excited about making a snow angel outside. He ran out, found a great unsullied patch of snow, flopped down and before he could swish his legs, popped up. Covered in snow from head to boots, he announced..."I not like snow! It's cold!" We never did get a snow angel, but we did play hard, including a short sled ride to Grandma's.
As much as we said we weren't, we spent much of the day watching the Inauguration on television. Brant enjoyed seeing the trumpeters, and the helicopter taking the Bushes on their final flight over Washington. Sometimes, it makes me think, will his kids ask him, "Where were you when Obama was inaugurated?" I wanted to be sure he could say, "My mom made me watch it!!"
Not much is going on this week, it's nice to get home and get settled again. Brantley is going to start to enclose our back porch, and replace windows in the laundry room. Lots of love to all!

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