Tuesday, January 13, 2009

say cheese...almost

Today at playschool, Brant had school pictures! Last night, I got his clothes laid out, per Daddy's request, and washed his hair. I didn't have time to get his hair cut, especially since I only remembered picture day was today at about 6 last night! So, it was going to have to do. Brantley got Brant up, dressed and spiffed up, and headed off to school. Now, those of you who know Brant know that getting his picture taken sometimes works, and sometimes doesn't. I have to admit...I was curious to see which it was going to be today. So at 11:30, I got my phone call, to tell me how his day went. Daddy talked first, and told me he didn't want his picture taken. Or rather...he wouldn't smile for the photographer. So, trusty Miss Anissa tried to get him to smile. According to Daddy, Miss Anissa apologized...since she ended up having to take the picture too! Brant's latest thing to say is ....almost. For example, I'll ask him if he needs to go to the potty. He'll respond..."No Mommy, almost." Then, about 5 seconds later, he'll run to the potty. I guess he's exerting his independance! It's all about doing it on his terms! I picked up his application for admission to BDS today. Believe it or not, it has teacher reccomendations! Now, if we can just get Ms. Amissa there! Not a lot going on here this evening, Brantley is working, little B and I are hanging out. Amy and Austin (the next door neighbors) are coming over to play for a bit, while their Mom goes to an event. Well, I guess that is all............almost! :-)

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