Saturday, January 10, 2009

Blue Baby Teddy Bear and the return of Little Midnight

We've been a bit off schedule here lately, thus, I've not had the time to update the blog. We've had a return of Little Midnight lately. For those of you who don't know, if Brant even power naps for 5 minutes, he'll be up until 11 o'clock or later. He's NEVER been a sleeper, even as an infant he was up most of the day! So, with our schedule being a bit crazy, we've been running errands at weird times, and Brant has being taking cat naps in car...needless to say, he's been up A LOT later than usual.
One of these late nights, Brantley and I had pooped out, so we were in the bed, and little Brant was reading a book in between us. He had told us, "You go aseep, I fine." Then he rolled over and kissed his Daddy on the top of his head, and then me, just the way we kiss him good night. We were all settled in, when all of a sudden, Brant pops up, and climbs out of bed (over me, of course!). Brantley got up to see where he went, and when they came back in, Big Brantley was cradling something in his hands. I asked Brant what he had, and he told me, "Baby Teddy Bear." Daddy handed him to me, and I tucked him in bed with us. As Brant was laying with us, Baby Teddy moved around a bit, and when I asked Brant what color he was, he said "Him blue!"
Here's the picture of Long John Brantley on the pirate ship at Marbles...I gave up on my laptop...Brantley's doesn't konk out on a whim!
Yo ho bottle of rum! :-) I have to admit..even though I hit my head a few time, this was the coolest play thing I've been on!
Brant also loved the fire truck at the museum, once we convinced him he could play on it!
This morning Brant and I went to the library and picked out some books. Brant got so excited! He loves books, which I'm so happy about. I think we are going to start going on Saturday mornings, he loved it so much!
How fun to be a kid, imagination and books can take you anywhere!

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