Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Dinosaur, a Spiderman, and Candy...Oh My!

The party guests..Eamon(Superman), Tigue (Snakeyes), Austin (dinosaur), Brant (Spiderman) and Amy (ballerina)
Bailey wasn't scared of the wise-cracking skeleton
Brantley with the inflatables at our friends' house.
Mom and Brantley. Mom wore an Indian costume she made for ME when I was little!
Howdy pahdners! Brant was a Philly Phan..duh, I was a cowgirl.
Halloween 2009 is another one for the books! We've had the busiest one yet, with school activities mixing in with our neighborhood activities. Our family decided to host our first Halloween Spooky Supper. We had most of our neighbors and friends over for a hotdog supper with fun Halloween snacks like rice crispy ghosts and monster cupcakes. The kids all played outside in their costumes and the parents enjoyed visiting for a while. We all then headed out to trick-or-treat. We headed over our friends' home, where they set up about 20 blowups. We went to a few of their friends homes to trick-or-treat, then headed home to do the same. Mom's new co-teacher in the ESL program, Hugo, came with his wife and son. He is a visiting teacher from Colombia, where they do celebrate Halloween. It was, however, his son, Michelangel's first time trick-or-treating. He and Brant had a great time running from house to house. It really was surprising, however, how many people don't participate anymore. It seems that our area is big with the church activities, which in turn, has decreased participation. But it's just sad that Brant can't go around his neighborhood like we used to!
It's been a day of fun, cooking and decorating. Now if the Phils can pull off the ultimate treat it'd be icing on my "toptake!"

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