Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The O'Days spend a day with Thomas

What fun! The day had finally arrived. Brantley and I had ordered tickets for the Day Out with Thomas in Spencer, NC back in the early spring. We didn't tell him, of course, until a few days before.The morning dawned cool and cloudy, a promise of a nice fall day. It was going to be nice not to swelter! We had scheduled our ride on Thomas first, and the very first ride Thomas as giving in
Spencer. As we pulled in it was packed! The average age had to been around 3 or 4...it was nice to fit in! We booked it to the line for Thomas (we left a bit late) and boarded straight away. With a peep peep we were off! We sang "I've been working on the railway," and got certificates for
being a Jr. Engineer. Brant loved every single minute of it! And so did we, watching him!
We also had tickets for the caboose train. They hooked 5 or 6 cabooses up to a Southern Engine and we got to ride up in the cupola. Two train rides in one day! We made the rounds to see all of the Thomas things, the bouncy Thomas, the Lego Thomas, and of course, we took a ride on the turntable! It was a great day! And as Brant likes to say, "We say Thomas! He's my number 1 engine!"

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