Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The end of soccer season

Hobbes, Will and Brantley showing off their trophies

Brant's reaction after someone took the ball from him! Look at the red guys in the back, soccer or basketball?!

Goooooooo Eagles! We were a little wet, but full of team spirit!

The U-4 Eagles
Soccer season is over now, and what fun we had! It seemed to be a very rainy fall which stretched the season out a bit for us. Our last two games were either very cold, or very rainy! We wrapped up our final game last Saturday. It rained almost the entire game, so we dried off, then went to our team party. After a nice lunch all together, the kids all got their trophies...with their names on them! Parks and Rec has a class act athletics program for their kids!

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