Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's Pumpkin Time!

The finished product, a cat, a growling face, and a goofy face!
Picking the baby pumpkin
Mommy's pumpkin, and my boys being gentlemen!
Brant had to get up close and personal with the pumpkins!
Well, I've almost gotten myself current with the blog, which is a lot to say! I promise, we will try and keep it up better. We are gearing up for Halloween around here. For weeks, Brant has told us he is going to be "piderman" for Halloween. At first, I got excited, thinking he wanted to be a fireman...but alas, it's Spiderman! Not that I'm against Spidey, I'm just not ready for the action heros yet! But thankfully, Noah also went through Spiderman around this age, because lo and behold, in the costume collection we inherited is Spiderman! Thanks Carla! You saved us 2o bucks!
We planted pumpkins this year, and have a ton of them...they are going to be huge....just in time for Christmas. We were late getting them in, so they are a lovely sunny yellow right now. So a trip to the Isley Pumpkin Patch was in order. We actually decided to get three this year, one design for each of us! Or, as Brant says, "A Mommy punkeen, Daddy punkeen and a Brantley punkeen!" Carving them was an interesting undertaking, Brant was quite intrigued by the "guts," especially when his had a sprouting seed in it! It was odd...how did it do that? It had a sprout over an inch long with leaves!
Needless to say, we had a successful carving time...and what fun it is to see the glow from the porch! Ya'll stop on by and have a look!

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