Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New York, New York!

A Central Park Family
The view from Mary and Mike's roof
"Where is 'dat subway train?"
It was windy on the ferry to Lady Liberty!
My cousin, Karen, got married October 10th, in Brooklyn, NY and we took the opportunity to "do" New York. We flew up on Thursday afternoon. Brant loved every minute of the flight....until we started to descend and his ears didn't pop...oh, the whole plane knew he wasn't happy. Maybe it wasn't that bad, but boy, it sure did seem like it! After checking into the hotel (the Duane Street...wow!), we went for lunch. We had decided to take a walk, and get our bearings. Going into "tourist" mode, we walked down to the World Trade Center site. I tell you, it's still emotionally overwhelming to remember that day, much less, to remember it while looking at the huge hole where two buildings should be. Another block down, Trinity Church and Wall Street. Upon returning to our block, we found the coolest toy shop and let Brant explore...and choose.
Friday was dedicated to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. It was rainy, windy and chilly, but impressive just the same. That trip needs to be mandatory for every American! Most of the rest of the weekend was filled with wedding stuff...rehearsal dinner in a 144 year old Italian restaurant, reception in Chinatown...star spotting! We also got to see Aunt Mary and Uncle Mike's new apartment in Brooklyn! Wow!
Monday morning we headed out bright and early, heading uptown to the Museum of Natural History and Central Park. We loved seeing the dinosaurs and I loved seeing the Easter Island head, quoting, "Hey dum dum, bring me gum gum!" Catching a flight home, we finished our wonderful, but quick, trip to the Big Apple.

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