Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Eve and the Littlest Shepherd

Christmas Eve was a quiet affair around our house.  Daddy had to get up early and do inventory at work, we had some baking projects to finish and topped off by the fact that we've all been snuffly, it was a welcome reprieve to the hustle and bustle of the last few weeks.  

We did make it to the Spontaneous Christmas Pageant our church has on Christmas Eve.  It's the first time we've been to it, and Brant was pretty sure he was NOT going to participate.  Remember the stubborn streak from before, well..yeah.  That again. 

A few minutes before leaving for church.  The presents are growing. 

Laughing at big brother
 When we got to church, there weren't many cars in the lot.  So we told Brant that he may have to do his duty, "as a Scout" to help the out with the play.  A reluctant agreement turned to pleasure when he saw the costume and the crook he got to wear and carry.

Silly little shepherd!
 Henry quite enjoyed the pretty angels sitting in front of us.  Brant leaned over to me and whispered, "Aren't "the angels in the Bible BOYS?!"
  The play wasn't the traditional Nativity play, it was told in parts, with each part (angels, shepherds, wise men) all gathering during a verse of a hymn.

I know.  I don't know how that baby got chosen as Jesus.  HE's only one week younger than Henry.   But oh well, Henry looked a lot older than him anyway!
 After the play we all had communion and candle light.  Singing Silent Night by candlelight gets me EVERY SINGLE TIME!  And seeing my little boys faces lit by the light, meant to represent Jesus as the light of the world, just melted me.

After a very simple supper (can we say tomato soup and grilled cheese?), it was time to open the gifts from Aunt Carol and Uncle Jim.  It used to be when we opened the gifts from Japan too, but this year, we'll be celebrating WITH them on Friday.

Earlier in the day the Jesus birthday cake got baked, but we needed to ice it and decorate it. It was such fun watching Brant decide what he wanted to do and raid the baking box in the process.

Daddy photo bombed this one, acting like he was going to push Brant into the cake!

Masterful decorating, Brantley was sure it's what Jesus would have done.
 And so, it came time to track Santa on Norad.  He was in Europe, and getting closer to the flight across the Atlantic.  We mixed up a little snack for the reindeer and spread it out in the yard, got the milk and cookies ready to go and headed off to bed. But not before Mommy tried to get just one more picture under the tree.
Yep.  Still wiggly boys!

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