Sunday, December 2, 2012

Crafts, a visitor and slime

Well, this weekend was one of those where you have a ton of things that you have to do, get none of them done, but get a ton of things NOT on your list done! 

It was a nice weekend though, probably our last calm one until school gets out (and honestly, it wasn't all that calm). But we had some great family time, helped Jeremy and Carla and fam move into their beautiful NEW house, and spent some time crafting.

Well, this was a new thing for us, as our advent train is our usual tradition. But knowing our oldest, and really, not wanting to buy the giddgy-gappers that get broken or thrown away, this was a great buy! Brant is totally into it!
 As well, when Brant woke up December 1st and walked into the living room, there was a small visitor from the North Pole.  While we thought we might escape this addition, it became necessary because some of his friends have some very frisky elves and Brant hears all about them at school.  We really didn't care for the story that much, as we are trying to focus on the real meaning of Christmas.  Rolled up in "Elfie's" arms was a letter from Santa!  In it he talked about the grace that Jesus extends to us, and how it's like a second chance. So Santa told the boys that he doesn't have Naughty or Nice list, but a list of children who, although not perfect, and often needing a bit of grace, obey their parents, are kind and love others.  So Elfie doesn't really report back to Santa about "naughty" kids, but watches Brant (and Henry) for obedience, love and focusing on the real reason we celebrate.  He's a silly little elf, having taken a ride on Brant's helicopter last night!

As it always seems, the things we HAVE to get done always push the things we WANT to get done out of the way.  So I decided that we were just going to do some of the projects I've been stashing on Pinterest for the boys.  First up, snowflakes!!
Following the dimensions on the website, we got twisting.  But I don't know what size mason jar they were using, because these things DID NOT fit in one.  Or in the other containers I had set aside (not deep enough).  We ended up with Grandma's cleaning bucket.

We bought our first box of Borax.  Wonderful stuff that.  Will be buying more, it's great for cleaning!
Heating water to the correct proportions, adding Borax, and suspending the snowflakes, it was just time to wait.
In the future, we will do this part before bed. Because we (Brant) checked them a lot! :-) 
 Finally he went off to play in his room.  yes, he's still in his jams!
Henry wanted to be right by him.

Brant even got Henry's cars out for him.  But no dice, he wanted Brant's. 

He loved watching them zoom out of the racing thingy.  Brant was such a good brother, simply saying, "No Henny" (his nickname for H) and gently moving the object away. 
 On one of the trips to check the snowflakes, we saw they were starting to crystalize!  We added blue food coloring to this one, to give it a slight blue, icy tint.

These were the ones in the bucket.  Can you see the crystals forming?

Finally, The finished snowflake!  They glisten and glitter and look like rock candy.  We love them, and are going to make more!
 In between all this fun, we went out to dinner with Daddy, ran to Lowe's and then drove through the Christmas lights at Twin Lakes.  This year I specifically did NOT take my camera because the pictures always stink and I focus too much on the photos and not enjoying the ride.  So there are no pictures. But there were smiles!

The last thing we squeezed in was a surprise. I hadn't really planned on doing it, but when I found myself briefly running into Michaels, I grabbed the supplies.  This was really cool, and sciency.  Still don't know exactly what does it, but way fun!  Two bottles of Elmer's glue, water, food coloring and a teaspoon of Borax.  Voila!  GAK or slime.  Whatever. Really really cool.  Ours looked a lot like eggs, so it was a little gross/weird. But definitely a success and a repeat was requested!

Not great photos, tired, flash bothering. But look at that stuff!!  

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