Monday, December 24, 2012

Holiday Program 2012

All of a sudden it was the night before school got out for Christmas and time for the annual Holiday Program at BDS.  While the normal rush to get everyone fed and dressed and BACK to school, we made it with plenty of time to spare, and get good seats.  Seeing as I have the 6th grade homeroom this year, I had to sit with my kids, but Carla, Hannah, and Savannah all got good seats for Grandma and Daddy!  It was so nice to have extended family at an event.  It so rarely happens for us, that it was almost a surprise to see them there! Of course, between Natalie, Cade and Brantley, they did have 3 of their cousins in the same program!

I didn't get any video this year, quite frankly, I didn't know how to do it on our new camera. 

This year really showed how much Brantley had grown.  Our boy can be very stubborn.  If he gets it in his head one way, there is very little that will change it.  Like singing or speaking in front of a crowd.  Or...saying "Yes ma'am" to his music teacher.  When he was in the 3 year old program, she insisted that he say it.  And made a big deal, apparently.  Because he wouldn't do it.  Ever.  Even though we have him say it at home.  But this year was a turning point. Not only has his stubborness tempered (well, a bit) he sang loud and clear. He sang and sang his songs at home.  

A little funny story, told to me by Brant's first grade teacher.  Telling the students good-bye Tuesday afternoon, she told them that she'd seem them later, dressed in their finest.  Brantley raised his hand and said, "Mrs. Jordan, I'm going to be dressed like a MAN!"   Getting ready for the program, he asked Daddy if he could wear his "spray" and "underarm stuff."  Daddy put it on him.  Entering his classroom, he proudly told Mrs. Jordan that he looked like a man, but SMELLED like one too! :-)  Don't grow up too fast Brantley, be Mommy's little man for a while!

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