Monday, December 24, 2012

December follies

We've had some great weather this December, and occasionally, things slowed down enough for us to enjoy it!  I've tried to get the kids to the park as much as I can, and it's really helped us through the last few weeks before school was out.  Not to mention, some quality time without distractions. 

Sporting his new Cornell sweatshirt from our friends Phyllis and Lanny

Sporting Brantley's hat from his first Christmas

 We also had to get our act together and make some Christmas presents.  We love to bake at the holidays, just to get in the kitchen together and putter.  Daddy came up with some great ideas for us this year, and we were looking forward to getting busy!

See, aren't these pretty?  The red could have been redder, but you live and learn.  They were yummy too!

Henry hung out in his Bounce Bounce, eating his new favorite munchie,  maple syrup wagon wheels. He likes to suck on them until they get soggy (yum!).  He'll often hold them out to you to "taste."  

Except Brady became the taster.  Sniff sniff...

Crunch! He got half and before I could stop Henry, he ate the other half!  It only took Brady 3 months to figure out who has the food in the family!

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