Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Happy 11 Months Henry!

Can you believe it Doodle?  We can't.  When I look back to what we were doing a year ago this time, we were in a mad rush to finish out bathroom renovation, get things set up for your arrival and brother was playing soccer.  

And this year. Wow!  What did we ever do before you were part of our family?  You bring such joy.  You love your brother so much.  If he's near, you want to touch him.  You crawl after him and love to be in his room.  And big brother is so good with you!  He doesn't like you to pull up on a chair in the kitchen, because of the tile floor.  He watches you like a hawk, already protecting his little brother. 

The past month has been a ton of firsts.  You pretty much eat whatever we eat.  And want to eat everything. You point at what you want, saying, "Dat."  And in the last day or two, you've been saying, what we swear, sounds like, "Need dat."  You've started giving kisses, complete with the "mwah" sound!  And walking!  well, cruising, and running when we hold your hands.  

You are a fun, silly, loving, loud, sweet, cuddly, independent little boy.  And you are ours!  Happy 11 month birthday little Henry Doodle!! 

Henry climbed into his toy basket, to get the Wii steering wheel and remote.  Henry makes engine sounds when he runs cars, and was making it in the basket!

Sweet boy!  

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