Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day sort of snuck up on us this year.  Actually, we knew full well it was coming, we just couldn't seem to get to any of the necessary arts and crafts in time.  Also, Brant never found an idea he wanted to make for his cards.  So, for the first year (and I must admit, he's getting to that age), Brant didn't have handmade cards.  He picked out Lego Star Wars cards and proudly wrote his name and friends names on them all.  

We had the cards, and all the teacher gift supplies, for at least two weeks. But it still came down to the night before!

Henry drew Daddy a card.  And I bought him a My first St. Patrick's Day shirt, brain farting that it is in fact his SECOND! He was 8 days old for his first!

Working hard on his cards

Getting artistic

I did have the forethought to get our decorations!

We used Mom's gift of tulips as the centerpiece

Nothing like Star Wars M and M and a box of Snoopy candy!

Henry got a new book!

Brant made this pretty decoration at Scouts on Monday.  They are suncatchers, and look so pretty with the morning sun shining through.
 We normally have a Valentine breakfast, sometime around Valentine's.  Why? Because Daddy works in a restaurant.  We went out on Tuesday for Mexican to celebrate, and because it was a half day at school, we also had a Valentine brunch, with pancakes and sausage.

Brant scarfed his as fast as he could, and ummm, declined, to be photographed.  Oh well, every holiday is different, and wonderful.  Happy first Valentine's Day Henry!

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