Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Spirit Week 2013

Oh yeah!  The craziest week at BDS was last week.  We weren't so good about taking photos this year, the rush out the door just got the better of us. But here are a few "funnies" from the week!

Hat day!  The teachers went gansta a bit, to do a dance off with the students.

"Go Bruins!"

Wacky tacky day.  Brant had on baseball pants and mis matched socks.  I was an eyesore, complete with camo hat with a big blue flower!

And the team day!  All Phillied out, including Henry (who is, yes, still wearing Christmas jammies.  They still fit so he's still wearing them!)
PJ day escaped us, but it's always a great way to wrap up the week!  As did blue and white day.  But it was fun, with Henry's first Bruins basketball game thrown in the mix.

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