Sunday, February 24, 2013

"Do everything without grumbling or complaining"

Growing up, I never had set chores that were mine to do.  We were expected to just pitch in and do what was asked for us.  Brant grew up a bit like that, but also had some set chores that were his, or that he always did, so they became his. Neither of us really had an allowance, but we had money if we needed it for things.

We've always struggled with a "chore chart" for our family.  We've tried the Melissa and Doug magnet version, but there were too many things to choose from, and keep track of.  We had lots of good intentions, but all of a sudden it would be bed time!

I think we've finally stumbled on it!  It's actually two parts, but Brant (and one day Henry) handles one part, and we handle the other.

I can explain it better in photos.  These are the chores that we chose. Yes, get dressed is easy.  But we wanted him to get his chores done daily, and added an easy one.  It's also one that Brant fusses about in the mornings, because he's like his Mommy.  We would be in P.J.s until noon everyday if we could!

After he does a chore, he velcros the tab up.  At night, when he's gone to bed, we can see what he's done.

The second part is Mommy and Daddy's part.  Each week Brant starts with $5 in his chore jar, in quarters.  If all the chores are done, and no fussing, and he's done whatever extra (unloading the silverware caddy is his job too), all the quarters stay in the jar.  But if there are complaints, or he has to be asked to do it, then he loses a quarter.  At the end of the week, what's in the jar is his.  He's also able to earn back the quarters, by doing extra chores.  

Our goal with this is for these things to become habits, that Brant doesn't think about having to do.  Then the chores will change.  

Yes, I realize I added an extra L in Philipians.    But didn't realize it until it was finished! It will get corrected one day!
There are so many opinions out there about chores and allowances.  About as many as about spanking.  But this works for our family, for our boys.  We want Brant to become mindful of his surroundings and learn that we must work together as a family.  He's already seen that when we all help out, then we have time to do fun things together. 

Maybe I'll look back at this post in a year or two, and see that it was a success.  And maybe not.  Parenting is so much trial and error, we'll just wait and see!  As for now, it's a success.  Three weeks so far!

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