Saturday, August 24, 2013

Cramming in the summer fun: The NC transportation museum

Last Tuesday we decided to try and cram in one more day trip for the summer. Seeing that a traveling Blackbeard exhibit was visiting the North Carolina Transportation Museum in Spencer, we packed the boys up for the day.

We started off by arriving just in time for a train ride.  Well, actually we had to wait a few minutes, but it was ok. 

Brant made friends, and gave him the benefit of his train expertise. 

Did you hear that?  The whistle just blew!

Backing into Barbour Junction station

Now Brant had made friends with this other little guy, who wanted to sit with him on the train.
You know the little guy from the Polar Express who know it ALL?  yes. well, that was this guy.  

Views from the train

Brant decided to change seats along the way...he exerted his independence and sat several rows back from us

The Southern engine that pulled our train

Flying pirate flags!!
After our ride, we headed down to check out the Blackbeard exhibit.
But not before walking on the rails

So the exhibit...well.  It wasn't the biggest, but it was pirates. And real pirate stuff at that.

Hoist the Blackbeard flag!
It didn't take us long and we headed out to see the rest of the grounds.

The newest part of the museum.  The budget has been slashed, so it's not complete, but we could go in and see the progress

And then to the roundhouse..

Running the rails

Special delivery in the mail car!

A quick stop in the gift shop to play, and buy a new book...

We soon headed out to eat our picnic lunch and, soon, tired boys in tow, we headed home.  Just the right amount of fun!

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