Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Great Kool-Aid Play-doh experiment

As many of you may know, I like Pinterest.  I've got multiple boards that are FILLED with great ideas, many destined to be Pintrosities, but on there none the less. 

We love to make homemade play-doh.  It's something about the creation of it and the boys adding the ingredients that makes it just so much more fun.  And the color choices as well.  

So, the thought of Kool-Aid play-doh was appealing!  And I knew it would smell good too.  So, off we went. 

Using the website as the guide, we were super excited of the possibility of all the great colors!

Off we went!

The boys, ready for action!  Cousin Noah joined us for the fun

Yes.  I know, my son.  Noah agrees, crazy cousin.

Pouring in the Flavor-Aid.  Cherry flavor.  Now, the fact that we had Flavor-Aid may have
influenced the outcome.

"Let me help, Brother!"

The addition of the water made the color appear

Having fun with the finished product.   As you can see, the color was more pink. 

So, we tried another flavor.  Lemon, in fact.  It did nothing.  It was flour colored. So I added the grape.
It ended up a great purple color.

Noah made a shark

Henry enjoyed the play-doh, learning to roll and squish it. 

And then, he tasted it.  While it smelled like cherry, it obviously didn't taste like it!

Hannah distracted him from the bad taste!

And a ride up high always brings smiles!!
So, while not a complete PinFail, it wasn't a complete success.  We wonder if it was the difference with the drink brands.  We shall try again, it was still lots of fun!

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