Saturday, August 10, 2013

Brant's wonderful week in Delaware

When last we left you, Brant had just left for a week in Delaware, alone with Mom Mom and Pop Pop.  Daddy and Henry and I didn't quite know what to do with ourselves for a while, but we got some projects completed.  It was also good to have some one on one time with Henry. 

Brant had a fabulous time.  Mo Mom and Pop Pop took all the kiddos to Funland, then up to Fort Delaware.  Not to mention lots and lots of play time with his cousins.  I hope Mom Mom and Pop Pop know that this is now a tradition!

So, finally Sunday came and it was time to go and see our boy!  

Even a power plant is pretty in the sunset!

Henry loves Mom Mom's and Pop Pop's!

corks in a teapot = favorite game in Delaware

Yep.  All kind of mischief and mayhem went on this week, including frozen underpants!
 And lots of good playtime!

 We took all the kids down to Slaughter Beach to play in the sand and pebbles.  I tell you, those kids can have fun anywhere!

Slaughter Beach has a ton of horseshoe crabs

Sweet kiddos...look at H

and look at H again!.

We also had a quick trip down to Funland to let Henry ride a few of the rides.  These are the fire trucks that Pop Pop rode on when he was little.

he flew the rockets too!

The was rainy and cool, but the beach was PACKED.  Crazy tourists!
 Beautiful Delaware, so peaceful around the farmland.

The highlight of the trip for Brant had to be....

Yep, gator rides!!! 

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