Saturday, August 10, 2013

LEGOs as ART??

Today started out with absolutely nothing planned, except Daddy's all day concealed carry class.  Thinking it was going to rain, I was kind of looking forward to a day in.  But Brant is suffering from "theresnothingtodo"itis.  And Henry was a bit contrary.  And I was too, I wanted to see Daddy!  

As I was perusing Facebook with my morning coffee, our local library's post about events for the day stood out.  Possibly because of the word LEGO, and because I was thinking of heading that way too.  

Our local arts council is currently hosting the Art of the Brick exhibit.  We were pretty excited to see it come near us, as we've seen lots of the sculptures in the LEGO magazine and other books.  But we wanted to wait for Daddy to come with us.  So, along with the exhibit, there are all sorts of activities to go along with it, like builds at the library.  So we headed over to Graham for the 10 am: lighthouses and the noon: planes. 

Brant wasn't in the first group to build, so he made a climbing Lego guy.  Pretty fun stuff!

There he goes!

Henry and Grandma checked out the free build tables.  Thank goodness Grandma accepted our invite...that was one busy little kid with a lot of pieces around, and a brother who felt a little shy.

 Soon it was time to build!! And who did we see but one of my students and Brant's former 5th grade buddy Bobby!  And Ben, another former student...they were helpers for the group that was putting it on, Bricks for Kids.

Ta dah!!  the beautiful lighthouse.  And might I add, Brant's stripes swirled...all the rest were just stripes.

So then we were left with some time.  A quick text revealed that Daddy didn't care if we went on to the exhibit, as it was next door to the library.
Through the garden to the exhibit

Greeting us at the front door. 

So cool, we've seen this one lots of times in books!

Please, DON"T touch the pedastal!

This one bothers me.  It makes me feel trapped!

So then, we headed back to do the airplane build, which was cool because it had a motor.  The robotic class was all filled up, and it was 10 +, but really, Brant could totally do it.  Trust me.  The kid knows LEGOS!

He he, the Lego guy is now attached to the prop, spinning away

So, all in all, not bad.  It was all free, except for lunch, and we only had a minor meltdown due to a late nap.  The rain finally came later in the afternoon and spoiled our plans for a ball game, but a night in with a family movie was just what we needed!

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