Monday, February 2, 2009

Gettin' work done

Brant the Builder and "Big Daddy" have been "gettin' work done" around the house and Mommy has been keeping the inside going. We officially have enclosed our back porch. We have new windows, a new BEEUTIFUL door, and new laundry room windows too! Big Daddy, as Brant sometimes calls him (a combination of Big Brantley and Daddy) has been assisting Brant the Builder in all the work. I'm truly impressed with what they both get done! I came home and the laundry room had been cleaned (huge yucky task) and rearranged....and de-junkiefied! It's beautiful! Even before being redone! Not much else has been going on here, we're daily regulars at Lowe's and we've been running around like crazy people! One thing I did notice is that in the last few days, Brant has been saying the "S" sound! It's quite cute, with a little lisp! We'll keep you posted, lots of love to all!

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