Saturday, October 2, 2010

Oh the places we go...and go...and go....

Whew,  isn't it amazing how you can go through a week with absolutely NOTHING to do, then all of a sudden, it's craziness!  Take today, for instance, we started the day off, at a (leisurely!) wake-up holler from Brant at 8, but had enough time to get a quick run/walk in before Brant's soccer game.

Brant did well today on the field, getting a couple of kicks in, but he enjoyed being out there with his team.  We were playing one of the more agressive teams, with a coach who thought he was coaching a college level team!  Coach Shaun actually came over and asked "How can I get them checked for doping!"  But the Deacons rose above it, and gave them a good run for the money.  Couldn't tell you who won, we don't keep score.  Really...we don't.  Seriously, I don't know!

After the game, a lunch from Reno's and a bit of a rest, we were off and running.  This time, to the first of the two birthday parties.  Emma's at the Little Gym, and Austin's at City Park.  We had so much fun being with Brant's friends, and he had plenty of time/space to run off all the sugar he ingested!

Cute Emma's 5th birthday

Brant and his buddy Mia (see other posts about soccer)

Making a run for the John Deere, and getting it!

Amy, big sis of the birthday boy, and our neighbor

The birthday boy Austin!

The favorite ride at the park

Brant and new buddies from Austin's party. You could hear him scream the whole way around, he was THAT excited!

Say cheese...err, say stick out your tongue?
Now, he's sacked out.  It took exactly 0.07 seconds for him to fall asleep.  What a sweet, sweet boy he is.  The Lord has blessed us beyond measure.  When I look at Brant and think how much I love him, then think, that's how much God loves us, and so much more, it blows my mind!  What a wonderful thing to be in the Lord!