Saturday, October 9, 2010

We're "falling" for fire safety and festivals!

As the boys are taking a rest, Brant with Grandma and Brantley at home, I thought I'd take a minute and update the blog!

School this week has been very exciting!  It's Fire Prevention Week, and the K4s have filled it to the brim!  The local Fire Department did a puppet show in the gym for the students, and then Christopher's daddy (a classmate) is a fireman in another city, on a ladder truck. He brought in all his gear, and the students LOVED it.  I got to slip in for a minute, just in time to see Brantley, waiting patiently with his hand raised (while chaos ensued around him), ask "Can't I just crawl UNDER the fire?!"  This was in response to how you get away from it!  Christopher's dad very seriously answered back the correct way, whew!   But ask Brantley how to prevent fires, how to check your smoke detectors, or what to do during a fire, he knows it ALL!  

Saturday brought another soccer game.  We are down to only 3 left in the season. I really don't know if Brant will play this Spring.  It's up to him, but he seems really interested in playing t-ball.  He can play both, but we'll see.  After the game, we headed home to change, and then to the annual Fall Festival.  It just keeps getting bigger and better!  It always amazes me, that a town that seems like Mayberry, puts on such great events! 

Cleo, the stubborn little pony!
This year, there were pony rides on the sweetest little shetland pony, and regular sized pony.  Brant, of course, HAD to ride, and seeing as the daughter of the operators had to go somewhere, I got elected to lead the pony!  Brant got settled, feet in the stirrups, and with a death grip on the pommel, off we go!  Cleo, the pony, got a bit stubborn with me, and didn't want to follow the other pony, but she got going in the end!  Brant's only comment, "IT'S VEWY BUMPY!" 

Enjoying his bumpy ride!
The favorite of everyone, no matter what age, is the  Garden Railroad.  We found a shady spot to watch the trains (IT WAS HOT!) .  Then the bouncy slide was next on the list.  The first year Brant was old enough, he was petrified of it!  One of the older kids we knew took him up, but he could barely make it.  This year, not a problem!  I can't believe how big he's getting!  

Brant is leaning on the hockey stick he won playing a game.
Brant called this the tunnel to Misty Island, his favorite new Thomas movie
Looking downtown from the layout
What goes up...
must come down!
We rounded off the trip to the festival with visits with some friends who were running booths.  It was great fun to see Dana, and her Cookie Lee friends, and we got to see her sweet kids too!  Bringing home lunch from Reno's and a quick trip to the best chocolate shop in the world, Once Upon a Chocolate (, we walked home.   

The rest of the weekend is wide open.  But I am happy to announce, we are back home.  Brant has finished the floor, and is working on the walls.  I've got to choose a new paint color...things are progressing!  From our house to yours, lots of love!  

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Meredith said...

We saw you guys from afar! we were watching the trains too. I couldn't get John Merritt on the pony :( maybe next year!