Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pop Pop's Train Club

What do you get when you combine Pop Pop, trains and Brantley? 
Pure and utter joy! 

 I found these photos on the camera, and realized they didn't get in the Delaware post.  On Sunday afternoon, Pop Pop's train club has operating session.  What's that you say?  They get together and run trains.  Now, let me tell you what I imagined the club to be like....several train layouts with men at the controls.  OH NO, I was mistaken!  They don't run trains, they RUN trains, work trains, deliver loads, basically, run an actual working railroad, but in miniature form!  And the layout?  It was larger than my classroom, and went into two rooms! 

Brant was in heaven.  His cousins Jacob and Hazen rode along to Delmar, along with Grandma.  Now let me explain something about Delmar.  Half of the town is in Maryland, the other in Delaware. Literally, it runs down the middle of the street! About an hour from Milford, the boys enjoyed the ride down.  And you know Brant enjoyed the trains!  Truth be told, we all did. Grandma was pleased to see there was an entire Ohio River Valley section, complete with the towns around where she grew up!  Take a look at Pop Pop's Train Club!

A logging operation
Notice Brant's hands, he was told not to touch ANYTHING!
This was the larger scale train side

This is the computer screen they use to control the trains AND all the controllers use radios!

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