Saturday, October 23, 2010

Remember those pumpkins?

Snoozing in Daddy's arms

This week's blog was supposed to be about Brantley's first field trip.  Daddy took off the day, and was heading with the K4 class of BDS to the Corn Maize, Pumpkin Patch and Gem Dig in High Point.  

The weather was calling for light showers, so the boys dressed in their rain gear.  Expecting an 8:30 departure from school, Brantley hopped in the car to meet the bus there.  8:30 came and went, NO BUS!  A call to the bus company says that they thought the trip was cancelled!  They sent a bus, but it was 2 hours later than the kids were supposed to leave!  By the time the kids got to High Point it was POURING rain.  They had to turn around and come back. 

The kids were so cute, because even though they didn't get to have their trip, they had a bus ride!  For the kids at BDS, this is a few and far between experience, as we don't have school buses.  Although disappointed, Brantley bounced off the bus.  Daddy decided to check him out early, to salvage the day, and they headed to see Alpha and Omega in the "fee-a-ter."  

Remember those pumpkins we brought home from Delaware?  Brantley does, he had to load them AND unload them twice before we got them back to North Carolina!  Well, tonight was THE night.  It had to be, as Brantley doesn't have another night off before next Friday, and carving pumpkins in the O'Day house is a family affair. 

Two of the pumpkins Pop Pop bought Brant for his "pumpkin train"
Daddy working hard on the Thomas pumpkin

We didn't set out to carve pumpkins tonight. As a matter of fact, we went to a birthday party (Brantley's good friend Allie from school), Lowe's (to try and pick out paint for the laundry room) and a few other errands.  It only dawned on me as I was pulling into the driveway at 5:30, that Halloween is NEXT weekend!  

Another birthday at the Little Gym, good thing it's a favorite!
Nothing like a good belly flop!
Taking it slow on the beam...look at monkey Hannah on the bars!
Smacking the mats and singing Happy Birthday to Allie (center)
As much as we got done today,we only got two pumpkins carved tonight, Brantley's and mine. Daddy will do his one morning he's home (that baby's huge!) Didn't Thomas turn out well, and my owl on a branch is ok.  I don't know what these people do who carve these pumpkins in magazines! Either we got really thick pumpkins, or it's not as easy as it looks! 

Even though Halloween is not a big holiday for our family, the excitement is growing!  Lots of activities coming up this week!  Tomorrow, team party, Friday is the Halloween carnival AND he gets to wear his costume to school...Saturday...corn maize with Mommy and Daddy...then Trunk or Treat!  Whew...anyone else tired?  Check in often this week!  

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Meredith said...

those pumpkins are really neat!
I've got candy corn cookies in the oven right now! Busy week ahead for my little oven.