Monday, October 4, 2010

A Fallish kind of day!

Heading to the pump in Historic Old Salem
Can you belive it?  I think this may be a world record for me, blogging two posts in three days, but it's been such a glorious day, I just could not help but share.  The crispness in the air, the smell of a fire on the breeze and the turn of the leaves.  Fall has finally arrived!

Brantley had the day off Sunday, so we decided to head over to Old Salem and Salem College, just to walk around a bit.  Brantley has become interested in where Mommy and Daddy went to school, and living where we do, Elon University is easy, Salem requires a day trip.  Although, it did stump him that only girls went to Mommy's school. 

With Brantley yelling "FOOLLLOOOWW me!" we explored every nook and cranny of the campus.  Enthralled by the stream in the May Dell, I thought we were going to have to fish him out!  A good romp back up the hill wore us out, and we headed out to lunch at Billy Bob's Silver Diner!  It was quite good, and fun!
Brantley concentrating on writing his name on Grandma's driveway

Peek-a-boo!  A post soccer game bath

Heading back home, the fun continued.  Telling Grandma about the trip, Brant made the connection with May Dell and Farmer in the Dell.  This spurred the singing of the entire song!  This from my son who rarely sings at all!  It was the sweetest thing, from the farmer to the cheese!

We have a floor!  The white things aren't design, they are spacers.  Haven't grouted yet!
And so, another week begins, with steps in the right direction!  The laundry room is coming along, Brant had an awesome soccer game tonight, and we are all sacked out on the sofa together. Night all!

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